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Megumi Fiestas

Megumi Fiestas at Parque Almenara Mall (Lorca) is your specialist in items for all types of parties: Kids, Carnival, Halloween, Masquerade Balls, Christmas, Bachelorette and Bachelor parties, Weddings, Birthdays, New Year’s eve, Special Celebrations, thematic parties (Medieval, Gothic, Pirates, Greeks, Romans, Mexicans, Hippies, Charleston, Superheroes, Disney, Sexy, etc.).

The place where to find your costumes, wigs, makeup, accessories for all occasion and ages.


Contact details

Local: L0-19 Telephone: 968 463 788 http://www.megumifiestas.com

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Megumi Fiestas
Megumi Fiestas

C.C Parque Almenara, Camino de Enmedio s/n., Diputación del Campillo, 30813, Lorca, (Murcia)

T. 968 46 37 37

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