Parque Almenara It is a shopping center located in the hamlet of Campillo, in Lorca (Murcia). Unlike other shopping centers, this is one of the few open shopping malls, where stores are located in a network of streets.

It has 148,180 m² of floor area,has 160 local (67,280 sqm GLA), two stories high, 3,000 parking spaces of which 1,100 are in the rest surface and two underground floors, 10 cinemas with 1,533 seats, 20 bowling racing tracks and a large Carrefour hypermarket of 8,350 m², the second largest in the region of Murcia on the surface.

One of its most unique features is its three canvas tents 20 meters high, the largest made in Spain.


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Objetos Perdidos


Lost items are kept in the PPS (Permanent Security Point) located on the first floor. In the PPS we have a form for customers to leave us their details and a description of the object. In case of recovery, we will contact them.

Reclamación y sugerencias

Claims and suggestions

The management of Parque Almenara gives special importance to the comments of their customers, key pieces in a process of continuous improvement. Claims and suggestions can be made in our PPS (Permanent Security Point), located on the 1st floor of the Shopping Mall.

Oficina de Gerencia

Management Office

The management office of the Parque Almenara Shopping Center is located on the first floor.

Opening time: from 9.30 am to 2.30 pm and from 4 pm to 7 pm (Monday-Friday).

Mapa de Lorca

Lorca Map

Tourists who wish may request at the Permanent Security Point (PPS), on the first floor of the Shopping Center, a Castilian / English tourist map of the City of Lorca where the most outstanding monuments and itineraries of the City of the Sun are marked.

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Cajeros Automáticos


The Parque Almenara Shopping MALL has 2 ATMs located on the ground floor, next to the escalators to access the Restoration plant, in front of the Décimas store.

Cheque Restaurante

Restaurant Check

Traditional food, fast food, American food: choose your restaurant at the Parque Almenara Shopping Center (Lorca-Murcia) and pay with your check / restaurant card.

Check all the conditions in each restaurant.

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Club Infantil Gratuito

Free Children's Club

The Parque Almenara Children's Club is a space located in room 34, on the ground floor of the Shopping Center (opposite the Eroski Hypermarket cashier line). It offers children from 3 to 10 years old activities and workshops to learn and have fun. It has a wii zone, a walkway, a costume box and a games and workshops area.

It is a free service for customers of the Shopping Mall.

Sala de lactancia

Nursery room

At the Parque Almenara Shopping Mall you will find a fully equipped and equipped lactation room so that the mothers can attend to the hygiene and feeding needs of their baby.

Aseos familiares

Family toilets

In the Parque Almenara Shopping Mall you will find toilets for men and women.

Calienta biberones

Bottle warmers

Parque Almenara makes available to parents, a micro-wave located in the lactation room, on the ground floor, to heat baby bottles.

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Aseos minusvalidos

Disabled toilets

Parque Almenara has on the ground floor and on the 1st floor of services for the disabled.

Movilidad reducida

Reduced mobility

There are several places for people with reduced mobility, usually located in the main accesses to the Shopping Mall.



The Parque Almenara Shopping Mall is equipped with elevators that connect the floors -2, -1, ground floor and first floor.

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Aparcamiento bici

Bike parking

There are several parking spaces for bicycles located in the outdoor parking of the Shopping Mall.

Aparcamiento motos

Motorcycle parking

Parque Almenara has free motorbike parking spaces located in the underground parking (P-1 and P-2) next to the main accesses to the Shopping Mall.

Parking cubierto

Covered parking

Parque Almenara has 2,400 free parking slots, of which 1,900 are located in the 2 underground floors of the Shopping Mall and without a time limit.

Parking exterior

Exterior parking

Parque Almenara has 2,400 free parking slots and no time limit. 500 slots are located outside, on the surface and 1,900 in covered parking.

Vehicle facilities
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Encendido de coche

Car ignition

Have you stayed in the parking lot without a battery? The Parque Almenara Shopping Mall (Lorca) offers a battery charger. Contact the Permanent Security Point (PPS) on the first floor or on 968 463 737.

Recarga coche eléctrico

Electric car recharge

Parque Almenara has a charging point for electric vehicles on the -1 floor, in front of the escalator that gives access to the Fashion hall.

It is a completely free services.

Lavado de Coches

Car wash

Car Wash You will find the car wash by hand (exterior, interior, upholstery, etc.) in the covered parking (-1).

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Tax Free

Tax Free

Customers who come from outside the European Union can benefit from a tax-free purchase. Request the refund of VAT and benefit from an even cheaper purchase.

Áreas recreativas

Recreative areas

In Parque Almenara, we pay a special interest for the little ones to have a good time. We have installed several playgrounds for children to play and entertain.

Sliding! (low level)
Fun in the Jungle (first floor)



Enjoy the free wi-fi service free of charge in the restaurant area on the first floor of the Parque Almenara Shopping Mall (Lorca).

Área de descanso

Rest area

For your customers to enjoy during your shopping, Parque Almenara has also created rest areas located at various points of the shopping center: Plaza del Sol, corridors and plaza on the first floor.


Photo booth

Our clients can take all the photos they need in Parque Almenara with our Photo Booth service.

It is located on the ground floor, near the escalator access to the restaurant area, in front of Décimas.

Punto de reciclaje

Recycling point

The customers of the Parque Almenara Shopping Mall (Lorca) have a clean point to recycle textiles, paper, light packaging, glass, used cooking oil, batteries and even fluorescent tubes in the Exterior Parking.


* Hours adapted to health restrictions


The hypermarket CARREFOUR Parque Almenara It opens from Monday to Saturday, from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. except December 24 and 31, from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.


From Monday to Saturday and opening holidays: from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

* Except December 24 and 31: from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.


From Monday to Sunday: 5:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.*


From Sunday to Thursday: From 12:00 to 00:00. *
Friday and Saturday: From 12:00 to 00:00. *
Open 365 days a year.


January: Sunday 2 and Sunday 9
April: Thursday 14
June: Thursday 9 and Sunday 26
July: Sunday 3
October: Wednesday 12
November: Tuesday 1, Sunday 6 and Sunday 27
December: Sunday 4, Tuesday 6, Thursday 8, Sunday 11, Sunday 18, Monday 26


January: Friday 1 and Thursday 6
April: Friday 15
May: Monday 2
August: Monday 15
September: Thursday 8
November: Wednesday 23



Parque Almenara (Lorca - Murcia) Shopping Center is located on the highway Lorca - Eagles C-3211 1.9 km.

If you use a GPS device these are the coordinates: N 37º 63' 69' W -1º


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Monday Tuesday and Thursday: every hour from 09.00 to 22.30.
Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and holidays opening of the Mall: every hour from 09.00 to 17.00 and every 30 minutes from 17.00 to 22.30.

Consult other options in the Travel Guide of Lorca



The Parque Almenara Shopping Mall is the referring commercial center of Lorca and the Region of Guadalentín, for its wide commercial and leisure offer.

Located in the deputation of Campillo, 3 km from the exit of the Mediterranean Highway and with direct access from the Lorca-Águilas Motorway receives more than 3 million visitors a year and covers an area of influence of more than 330,000 people.


968 46 37 37


LyC Consultants in Madrid

91 310 44 41

For more information, please contact our Department of Common Areas at 968 463 737 or


The Parque Almenara Shopping Mall of Lorca is one of the best options to promote your business and your brand or sell your products and there are many possibilities for sales and / or promotion in our facilities:

Quick Store / pop up store or ephemeral stores:
Temporary rental of a place for launching of new products, brands or services, fairs, projects of entrepreneurs (start-up), demonstrations, multi-brand spaces, exclusive sales of brands ...

Kiosks, stands, promotions, etc. in corridors, squares, parking lots or any other form of communication or sale in the Shopping Mall

Advertising on the Impactmedia digital circuit screens

Spectacular marketing and large format advertising:
Vinyls on doors, escalators, banderoles, screens, mupis, Stylissimo magazine ...

Customer Support
968 463 737


Marketing and Communication