¡Re-Bienvenidos a #ParqueAlmenara! La espera se nos ha hecho eterna sin vosotros pero por fin ha llegado el día, desde ¡ya! Podéis disfrutar de vuestras marcas de moda, el restaurante que os encanta y el mejor ocio.

Y como sabemos que la espera ha sido larga vuestra vuelta tiene premio, buscad a nuestros animadores en vuestras ciudades y conseguid los códigos premiados. ¡Abajo las fronteras!¡Arriba las ofertas!

BASES DEL SORTEO “Re-bienvenidos”

1. Consideraciones de carácter general.
This Contest will take place in the Parque Almenara de Lorca Shopping Center. Participation in this contest is subject to participation in the stand installed for this purpose together with access to the CC Parque Almenara next to H&M. Participation in this Contest will be governed by the provisions of the "Participation Conditions" section.

Taking part in this contest gives whoever makes the condition participant, and implies acceptance without reservation of the Terms contained herein.

2. Purpose of the Contest.
El principal objetivo del presente concurso es entrar en el sorteo directo mediante flyers con un código canjeable y en la que se podrán ganar los siguientes premios:

  • 10 pcs. € 50 gift card
  • 20 pases dobles de cine
  • 10 partidas dobles de bolos
  • 5 cafeteras
  • 3 cámaras go pro
  • 1 IPhone
  • 1 TV 50”

Entre todos los participantes se sorteará una tarjeta regalo de 200€, para ello los participantes tendrán que rellenar el cupón con sus datos.

Parque Almenara reserves the right to add or modify the prizes.

The awards of this Competition in any case be subject to change, substitution or compensation from the winners.

3. Duration of the Contest. El presente Concurso entrará en vigor desde el viernes 14 de mayo de 2021 hasta sábado 22 de mayo de 2021

4. Conditions of participation.

4.1 Description of participants and mechanics of participation:
To participate in the competition the following is required:
- Be an adult.
- Be a resident in Spanish territory for legal purposes at the time of having participated in this Initiative (DNI or Residence Card). The eventual participants in this Contest are informed that, in order to comply with the minimum age requirement for participation (16 years old at the time of participating in the Contest), the Contest organization may require the winner to display your DNI, NIE or Passport, in order to verify compliance with the minimum age requirement for participation. - Merchants, workers and employees of the Parque Almenara Shopping Center cannot participate in this promotion.

Se deberá presentar en el stand instalado junto a H&M un ticket de compra superior a 15€ el cual le dará acceso a un flyer con código cajeable. Así mismo si el ticket es igual o superior a 50€, se entregaran 2 flyers, y si es igual o superior a 100€ , se entregaran 3 flyers.

- If user accounts are detected false or created for this purpose, they will be disqualified.

4.2.- Obligations and responsibility of the participants. Participants in this Contest, by the mere fact of being, accept without reservation these Rules and ensure respect for all rights of industrial and intellectual property to which they have access as a result of participation in this Contest, and are owned by Parque Almenara, other participants or third parties.
Participants expressly undertake to ensure the accuracy and veracity of their personal data. Falsity of any type of data, or failure of any of the requirements in these Rules, will be sufficient to cause the disqualification of the competition participant.
Participants, by the mere fact of going to the competition, accept the judgment and competence of the Parque Almenara entity regarding the resolution of any issue arising from it.

5. Criteria for determining the winners

Los premios se obtendrán de forma directa al canjear el código del flyer, recibiendo el premio indicado en el mismo, si lo hubiera. En caso, de que el premio no se dé en el instante, la azafata recogerá los datos del premiado y gerencia se pondrá en contacto con él cuando el premio esté disponible. Existe la posibilidad de que el código canjeable no tenga ningún premio

The award will not be refundable or exchangeable for another type of award.

6. Premio y condiciones de la entrega.

If the winner is a minor, you can only withdraw your prize if your parent or legal representative expressly authorized in Management of the Mall.

In the event that the winner does not meet the characteristics established in these rules, Parque Almenara reserves the right to re-draw the prize or declare it void.

The organizer may also oppose the delivery of the prize if found to have been fraudulent conduct or a breach of any of the requirements set forth in these Official Rules by the successful bidder.

In either of the two cases above, Parque Almenara reserves the right to declare the tender void.

The award will not be refundable or exchangeable for another type of award.

7. Indemnification. Beacon Park, as well as any companies or entities related to this contest, assume no liability whatsoever for damages and / or losses of any nature that could suffer participants of this Contest and / or a third party.

In the event that Parque Almenara, or any other entity professionally linked to this Contest, detects any type of anomaly, or suspects that a participant is preventing the normal operation or development of the Contest, either by illegally altering their participation, falsifying their participation, Using unauthorized information through any procedure or carrying out a use of the content made available that is inappropriate, illegal or contrary to current regulations and / or these Legal Bases, reserves the right to unilaterally eliminate the registration and participation of said user in the Contest, as well as to pursue said behaviors, with all the means that the Legal System makes available to them. Users are informed that Parque Almenara has enabled all the necessary technical means to detect any possible fraudulent, anomalous, illicit or malicious action aimed at altering participation in this Contest, with the aim of obtaining the prize illegally. Therefore, Parque Almenara reserves the right to eliminate from the registration and participation any user who shows, or who is suspected, an irregular action in the sense described.

8. Considerations Protection of Personal Data.

For the purposes specified in Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data by Directive 95/46 / EC (general regulation of data protection) repealing, you are informed that personal data provided will be included (or updated) the files of CP CC PARK ALMENARA, located at Camino de Enmedio s / n, Dip The campillo, 30813, Lorca (Murcia)


The file containing the information provided on the form is owned by CP CC PARK ALMENARA based in Camino de Enmedio s / n, Dip the campillo, 30813, Lorca (Murcia).

For any additional information you can make inquiries through the following means:

- Phone: 968 46 37 37

- E-mail:

– Fax: 968 46 37 38


At CP CC PARQUE ALMENARA we treat the information provided by interested persons in order to participate in the raffles organized by the PARQUE ALMENARA Shopping Center, additionally, advertising may be sent by email and / or SMS, with prior authorization from the interested party. No automated decisions will be made based on said profile. CP CC PARQUE ALMENARA does not foresee the transfer of this data to third countries or external entities. The personal data provided will be kept as long as the deletion is not requested by the interested party and, in the latter case, as long as it is not expressly prohibited by current regulations on data protection. CP CC PARQUE ALMENARA is not responsible for those data provided voluntarily and additionally and that are not required, not being taken into account for the purpose described.


Legitimizing the processing of personal data is founded on the consent of the person concerned. Personal data requested are mandatory, so its not filled it the impossibility of their inclusion in the files described above and the fulfillment of the objectives defined in the previous paragraph.


The recipient of your personal data collected through the next tab will PARK CC CP ALMENARA,]


Anyone has the right to obtain confirmation as to whether, in CP CC PARK ALMENARA, we are processing personal data concerning them, or not.

Interested persons are entitled to access your personal data and to request the correction of inaccurate data or, where appropriate, request removal when, among other reasons, the data are no longer required to fulfill the purposes for which they were collected and in compliance with current legislation.

Under certain circumstances, interested parties may request limitation of the processing of their data, in which case only, shall be kept for the exercise or defense of claims.

In certain circumstances and for reasons relating to their particular situation, interested parties may oppose the processing of their data. PARK CC CP ALMENARA stop processing the data, except for compelling legitimate grounds or in the exercise or defense of any claims.

In addition, the applicant is entitled to receive personal data provided to the CC CP PARK ALMENARA in a structured format, common use machine readable. The latter duty shall be limited by the following conditions: that the data on which rests this right have been provided by the person concerned; their data is processed by CP CC PARK ALMENARA automated manner (computer means).

9. Considerations in relation to Image Rights.
User and participant in this Contest facilitates their personal data voluntarily, including such data between the image of each of the participants. Reproductions and public communications may take place in the Facebook profile the Youtube channel or on the website of Parque Almenara and all that publicity material related to this Contest, and in any promotional activity by Parque Almenara, without geographical or temporal limitation without arise when any right to financial compensation or benefit by Parque Almenara margin delivering the prize.
Uses, reproductions and Parque Almenara public communications can make the image of the successful bidder, are strictly limited to the uses permitted by the laws governing the Right to Honor, Personal and Family Privacy and Self-Image.
* The individual authorizes the CC, as well as all third natural or legal persons to which the CC may assign the rights to exploit the photographs, or part thereof, that either can use all pictures, or parts the same in which it acts as a model.

10. Considerations Property Intellectual.
Every user and / or participating in this Contest agrees and undertakes to respect each and every one of the provisions, terms and requirements established by the regulatory laws of Industrial Property (Law 17/2001 of 7 December, on Trademarks and law 11/1986, of 20 March, on Patents and Utility Models) as well as the rules governing Intellectual Property (Royal Legislative Decree 1/1996 of 12 April, approving the text revised Law on Intellectual Property) ..

The ownership of each and every one of the rights of Intellectual Property that identify Parque Almenara, such as names, marks, logos, icons or other distinctive feature are the exclusive property of the Parque Almenara entity, unless expressly stated in a different ownership or are used by the entity providing the appropriate licenses to the effect.

11. Modification of these Official Rules.
Park Beacon (Lorca-Murcia) reserves the right to all or part of these Legal bases, including, modifying or eliminating clauses, without assuming responsibility for such modifications, provided that there cause or force majeure modify promising to communicate with sufficient advance the new terms and conditions of participation.

12. Availability of these Legal Bases.
These Official Rules are available at all times for the participants of the contest in the URL can be consulted at any time.
Also, for any questions relating to this Contest, users and / or participants can contact the organizers via the following email address: