The new trend in Jersey, the Cardigan Stradivarius

07/02/2020 - Accessories, Fashion

Hi everyone! Temperatures drop again in the region! And, go crazier time we are having lately in Murcia! Heat ... cold ... then cold again ... So in today's post, I show a look with a new trend in sweater hand store Stradivarius C. C. Parque Almenara.

New jersey, cardigan (cardigan or jacket always) is the "viejuna" trend that is hard to become the protagonist of this season. Handmade by your grandmother or who has spent years in the attic of your mother ... it is a perfect choice to wear this season, especially with jeans and sneakers. The best of all know what it is? So you do not diligently look no clothes to anyone.

Therefore, the look today, is based on this puffed sleeve cardigan and color Classic Blue 2020, according to Panntone. And I used to combine these jeans.

And finally, to give another alternative to combine with sneakers and cardigans that note it's Friday, I added these shoes undercuts of loops and tip trend in footwear for girls SEASON take note! and this pretty bag, both in black color.

I bid you farewell, encouraging them to visit it Stradivarius C. C. Parque Almenara, which now are with their sales and also has a second and a preview of his new collection.

Total Look: Stradivarius

Photos: lorquino

Makeup: Marvimundo

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