Cookies Policy

Cookies are files that can be downloaded if computers through web pages. They are tools that are essential for the provision of many services of the information society role. Among others, allow a website to store and retrieve information about browsing habits of a user or your computer, depending on the information obtained can be used to recognize the user and improve the service.

Types of cookies

Depending on who is the entity that manages the domain from which cookies are sent and treat the data obtained can distinguish two types: own cookies and third party cookies.
There is also a second classification according to the length of time remain stored in the client browser and can be session cookies or persistent cookies.
Finally, there is another classification with five types of cookies depending on the purpose for which the data are processed: Technical cookies, cookies customization, analytics cookies, cookies advertising and behavioral advertising cookies.

For more information on this subject please consult the Guidance on the use of cookies in the Spanish Data Protection Agency:

Cookies used on the web

A través de la analítica web se obtiene información relativa al número de usuarios que acceden a la web, el número de páginas vistas, la frecuencia y repetición de las visitas, su duración, el navegador utilizado, el operador que presta el servicio, el idioma, el terminal que utiliza, o la ciudad a la que está asignada su dirección IP. Información que posibilita un mejor y más apropiado servicio por parte del portal.

This cookie policy will apply on all our websites. By accessing our website, you agree that's Cookies Policy will apply whenever you access from any device. However, our information about your cookies Policy at the top of any page on the site with each login in order for you to be aware.

Given this information it is possible to carry out the following actions:

  • Accepting cookies: not display this notice again to access any portal page during this session.
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  • Modify your settings: You can learn more about what cookies are, know the Policy cookies and change your browser settings.

How to modify the cookie settings

You can restrict, block or delete cookies using your browser. Operating in each browser is different, the function "Help" will show you how.