Sale with Cortefiel

30/01/2020 - Accessories, Fashion

Hi everyone! In today's post, we're going to SECOND SALES! With the store Cortefiel C. C. Park Beacon. And I'll teach him a look I've created a selection of garments descuentazos up to 70%.

As you know I love Cortefiel in sales, the quality of their clothes and bargains to be found ...

Therefore, the look today is based on this pretty picture vichy print dress. As you know the maxivestidos are the protagonists of this season, and that, besides being a very comfortable garment, I seem ideal to put in any time of the year. Undoubtedly they have become a must Have my closet.

Finally, I added this bag and these boots super cool (both in black tone) and I could not avoid falling into their tentació, had a super discount.

I bid you farewell and encouraging them to you visit Cortefiel C. C. Parque Almenara these second cuts, have prices of scandal! So you know when you visit necessary piséis the center commercial.

Total Look: Cortefiel

Photos: lorquino

Makeup: Marvimundo

Be mindful as always, in the meantime, you can follow all daily movements d.c. Parque Almenara through your profile Facebook e Instagram and mine through my Instagramand my Facebook.