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03/05/2019 - Fashion

Hello everyone! We welcome the new month of May. This month always seems to come "cargadito" event and certainly more than one of you have a wedding, baptism or communion in sight. So today, I'll show you the perfect dress for each of these events hand Cortefiel.

If you did not know Cortefiel, it is the first brand created by Tendam. Since its inception, it offers its own style clothes: elegance, quality, comfort. Therefore, this Spanish firm has become one of the leading firms in the current panorama of European fashion.
Cortefiel is directed to an audience of men and women aged between 35 and 45 years young in their habits, open-minded who are willing to try new trends. Say that their collections invite you to discover a new alternative offering utmost comfort to its customers.

The shirtwaist dress Pedro del Hierro that I propose today is a wardrobe, not only because we can use for any of the BBC events (weddings, christenings) but we can also combine for a look every day. Because ... how many times have we bought a dress for a wedding and already back not out of the closet?

Therefore I will propose two looks with this dress. In the first option, I added earrings and wallet in orange with nude shoes. Supplements we use when creating our look, always play a crucial role. This look could take much for baptism or communion.

On the other hand, if we use it for a wedding day, also we could. We would only have to change the accessories, in this case, I added a very distinctive and widely used in the wedding day, "headdress". In addition to my second proposal in this dress, I added earrings and clutch in nude color as shoes.

Mara coiffure and bag

I bid you farewell, making you emphasize that I find such a versatile and ideal dress will not be the typical stay "untouched in the closet". Well, we can always put it to any family meal or for a walk, with its beautiful and flattering multicolored print (which makes it unique).

Total Look Cortefiel

Finally inform you that until May 15 Cortefiel has Special prices up to 50% in selected garments and until 7 May, partners They can get up 30% discount on the entire collection.

I hope you enjoyed today's post

See you very soon!

Total Look: Cortefiel

Coiffure and clutch: Mara

Photography lorquino

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